5 Top Taper Fade Haircuts For Men

5 Top Taper Fade Haircuts For Men Fade cut can be defined as a hairstyle that features the gradual transition from short to longer hair. There are so many variations of fade haircuts, but the idea remains the same across all the variations. The hairstyles are great for casual and formal looks, and you can … Continue reading “5 Top Taper Fade Haircuts For Men”

5 Top Taper Fade Haircuts For Men

Fade cut can be defined as a hairstyle that features the gradual transition from short to longer hair. There are so many variations of fade haircuts, but the idea remains the same across all the variations. The hairstyles are great for casual and formal looks, and you can experiment as much as you want as long as you have a skilled barber you can trust. Even though taper fade cuts have been around for years, they have gained popularity in modern times but there are some that seem to be more popular than others.

1. Caesar taper fade – It is amongst the best for African Americans mainly because of their skin complexion and dark hair color. The sides have short haircuts and longer haircuts featured on the top. The top haircuts have larger lengths usually swept to the front side and not the side as many other fades do. The fade allows for short borders and bangs to be combed sideways.

2. Mohawk taper fade – The Mohawk is still trending and you can stand out in a taper fade Mohawk. For this fade, the hair on the top head part is longer compared to that on the back of the head making it possible for you to lift them in faux hawk style. The length increases from the top to bottom. You can easily style this fade at home using pomade.

3. Afro taper fade – It is most suitable for men who have curly or kinky hair and the curls are styled from top with the hair length decreasing from the top part running downwards till they vanish. It is a very popular fade style especially for black men.

4. Temple fade – This style suits any color and skin tone, but it needs to be done by a skilled hairdresser or barber. It is more like a low fade, but the difference comes in because the transition between hair lengths in this style is more abrupt, clear and evidently visible.

5. High taper fade – It fades with skin at around 2 inches or even lower from the hair top. It is a style that can be rocked by anybody but it seems to work best for men with black hair. You can easily hold the hair tight using pomade and it also works in keeping the hair shiny. There is also the low taper fade which disappears an inch above the natural hairline. For the low taper fade, it would be a good idea to use hair gel when styling for the best results.

6. Bald taper fade – It is a great style for men who are almost bald because it offers a stylish look. It is very similar to military buzz but it is different because it fades from nothing around the sides to the top of the head where the fade is largest. Its appearance works for bald men because it makes the baldness less visible.

7. Comb over fade – The bottom hair is trimmed regularly in this style, whereas the top hair is left to grow in length. The bottom hair remains below the top hair level. You can comb the top in a slick back.

What Is Feminine Beauty? (Two Views)

What Is Feminine Beauty? (Two Views)

An Artist’s Point of View

It is easier to evaluate a painting than to give one’s concept of beauty. For beauty is too relative to be defined. Treated or explained historically, scientifically, or systematically, a definition of beauty can be confusing; much more does it become so, of course, if we talk about feminine beauty.

A friend of mine was lost for several years. But one day he appeared with a lady beside him. Sensing my astonishment and curiosity, my friend whispered to me. “Tine, my wife is a sweet little twinkling star!

A star! I could not believe him, for to this day I still am puzzled because a face splattered with small pox can never be, to me, a twinkling star. Here must be an angle to beauty of which I was ignorant. My friend could yet be right!

Let me tell you my concept of feminine beauty. It it strictly personal, and so I shall not be surprised if you disagree with me.

A beautiful woman is every inch a lady. Age does not matter. The older the better. But she must have individuality, character, and physical beauty. This lady is different because she is uniquely good mannered and well behaved. Height? I am not particular about this. But she should possess a kind of freshness, like a flower with the morning dew, a “loveliness that keeps you thinking, charm that moves you from the inside.” She is courageously beautiful because she is not lazy, indifferent, nor easily discouraged. She is pleasant but firm.

Her voice is sweet and clear. her movements radiate a kind of softness that moves and touches your imagination, and eyes that hit you like a meteor coming from nowhere.

I admire Mona Lisa very much, but I do not want you to be like her. I only wish to share with you what Walter Peter said about Mona Lisa. “Cell by cell, it is built up, and it is built up from the inside. It’s character, it’s warmth, it’s a way of thinking, it’s knowing the world, knowing and understanding people.”

An Art Critic’s Point of View

Beauty may defined as that quality of anything a phenomenon of nature of work of art which, when seen in its entirety, gives an impression of harmony, balance, order, completeness, and suitability. A woman may be considered beautiful, therefore, if all her features and all her qualities are in such harmonious relations with one another as to give anyone who sees her a pleasant sensation at wholeness and totality.

This means, to begin with, that she must be eight times the diameter of her head: that the distance from the top of her head to the angle formed by her legs must be the same distance as the distance from this angle to the bottom of her feet; that her legs must be slim and so straight that, when they are together, coins placed between thighs, between her knees, and between her calves will not fall; that the width of her mouth when in repose must be the sane; that the distance from her hairline to her eyebrows must be the same as the distance from this point to the tip of her nose, and the distance of the tip of her nose to her chin; and that, when her arms are outstretched, the distance between the fingertips of one hand to the fingertips of the other hand must be equal to her total height.

Even if she were perfectly proportioned physically, however, a woman would not be beautiful if her carriage were poor if she did not stand tall and walk tall, with her chin up, her chest out, her stomach in, and her feet parallel to each other while walking. Neither would she look beautiful if she dressed in such a way as to give more importance to her clothes than to her personality. Clothes must be to a woman what a frame is to a picture; it must set off or highlight her best qualities.

Hair Removal Treatment Options

Hair Removal Treatment Options

Removing unwanted hair has a long and storied history. The Egyptians used beeswax and seashells. The Romans made use of flint stones and creams. Queen Elizabeth sought walnut oil and ammonia (from feline urine) for hair removal purposes.

Most likely you do not desire to use any of the methods of the ancients. Still if you have unwanted hair, you want to find a good way to get it removed. To get rid of unwanted hair on your face, legs, back, hands, underarms or other places, there are at least four different kinds of treatment options available.

Each kind of treatment has a handful of disadvantages that can be mitigated if you use certain body care tips. These tips focus on some of the best hair removal tips for women, ensuring that the skin remains soft and supple after any undesirable hair has been removed.

There are various hair removal treatments that will leave your skin smooth, shiny and beautiful. There are several safe methods of hair removal that offer positive results, but we suggest you start with waxing.


Known as one of the best hair removal methods, waxing gets dry skin off while also removing unwanted hair. Exfoliating the skin is required daily to avoid ingrown hairs. While it is safe to try on any body part, waxing can be slightly painful at times. Consequently, many avoid this technique.


A popular and easy hair removal method, shaving is not too time consuming. After removing unwanted hair, it can leave behind dry skin. A common myth is that hairs shaven grow back thicker. While it may seem this way, the truth is that the hair looks thicker because shaven hairs are often cut at an angle that reveals its cross section (technical but true). Some women who shave suffer from rashes, cuts, and abrasions that lead to infection and skin problems.


Creams are easy to use and are quite useful in avoiding ingrown hairs. However, creams can irritate the skin, resulting in rashes and other skin issues. It is best to do a patch test before applying the cream to large portions of your skin.

Simple Makeup Tips & Ideas: Easy Contouring Tips

Simple Makeup Tips & Ideas: Easy Contouring Tips

As you may well know, celebrities look entirely different than how we see them. If you’ve ever seen them without makeup, you’ll know it’s all about makeup tricks and corrections that make them look more appealing. The idea is simple: it’s all about creating contrast by highlighting and contouring. You want to highlight with a light shade the parts of your face that you want to bring out, and use a darker shade on the parts that you want to tone down. Face contouring makeup is no longer a hard process that you have to refer to specialists to get, at least on an everyday basis, as we present to you today simple makeup ideas & tips for contouring that will make it easier for you.

You will need your foundation, one foundation two shades deeper, one foundation two shades lighter, powder, a damp facial sponge and a brush.

1 – Use two shades of base:

The secret to getting the right skin tone is to apply foundation that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone on the center of your face (on the middle of your forehead, your nose, cheeks and chin), and another one that’s one shade darker than your natural skin tone around the perimeter of your face.

2 – Blend the two shades together:

Using a proper foundation brush, just blend gently the two different creams on your face. Make sure the transition from center of the face to the perimeter is respected and subtle, because that’s what will create the illusion of depth and dimension.

3 – Play with contours and highlights:

A pro tip for you is to mark the areas of your face you want to contour with a deeply-colored brow gel pencil. As it is very concentrated and smudgeable, placing just a few dark pigments on the hollows under your cheekbones, on your temples, along your hairline, jaw line, side and tip of your nose and crease of your eyes, will make for a perfect contouring makeup. Then use a cream highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones, on the center of your forehead, on the bridge of your nose, on the center of your chin and on your cupid bow above your upper lip.

4 – Blend one last time:

You need to blend both your highlights and contours using a flat top dense brush to bring perfectly together the two different shades. If you’re in a hurry and just want to add some dimension to your face, you can use the following makeup hack. Just apply blush in the shape of a 3, where you start from the outer sides of your forehead, plunge back into your cheeks, and finish at the end of your chin.

And there you have it, by highlighting your cheekbones and the middle section of your face and countering it with shadowing; you’ve made your face look thinner!

CoolSculpting For A Better Figure

CoolSculpting For A Better Figure

Have you ever wished that you could get rid of those fat deposits in your body which just refuse to disappear even when you try to exercise them out? CoolSculpting gives you the chance of getting rid of the unwanted fat that accumulates in difficult places. A completely non-invasive process, it gives you a safe and convenient way to look slimmer and feel great.

The History of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting started thanks to a few kids in Russia. Doctors were amazed when these young and healthy children started to lose weight on their face. Research then showed that these kids had a habit of sucking on popsicles. The process had led to the freezing of fat cells in their bodies. After years of research and testing, a machine was developed in order to safely reduce small accumulations of fat in the body. The machine simply applies a lot of cold to a small target area and the fat cells present in this area freeze and get eliminated. In this way, the fat deposits lessen and you can visually lose a lot of weight.

How We Lose the Fat

You are probably wondering what happens to the cells after they have been frozen. When the cold temperature comes in contact with the fat, it starts to crystallize. The crystals remain in the body for a while and then began to die. The dead cells then stimulate the immune system and enzymes break them down. Once that happens, they are safely eliminated from the body. Once they are eliminated, fat cells will not be deposited in the same place. So if you do happen to put on any weight in the future, the flab will bypass the treated area and get deposited in another part (or parts) of the body.

Is it Right for You?

Men and women can go in for this procedure. A good candidate is usually one who is in an ideal weight range but wants to go in an inch or two and get rid of a little bit of the extra fat. Abdominal fat, especially in the lower abdominal region, is the main target area of CoolSculpting. Candidates should also be patient and not expect instant results since it could take a few months before the effects are noticed. It is also important for those going in for this treatment to maintain a healthy lifestyle after it is done and eat healthy. It is not advisable for people suffering from circulatory disorders to go in for the treatment.