Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid

Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid Good looking hair plays a huge role in social acceptance. When representing ourselves we wish for shiny gorgeous hair but we fail to carry out this rather simple task. Odds are that you are making one or more of these common mistakes. Let me walk you through these simple and … Continue reading “Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid”

Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid

Good looking hair plays a huge role in social acceptance. When representing ourselves we wish for shiny gorgeous hair but we fail to carry out this rather simple task. Odds are that you are making one or more of these common mistakes. Let me walk you through these simple and easily avoidable mistakes so that you can also have a hairstyle which will make your friends green with envy.

You do not de-tangle your hair before washing: Your strands get weaker and easily snarled once they are wet. Brushing your hair before a wash makes them more manageable.

You wash your hair every day: Being a clean-freak is not good in every situation. If you wash your hair every day, they get stripped off the natural oils. These natural oils provide the necessary nourishment to your locks. If you do need to wash your hair often then it’s best to do it every alternate day. On other days you can simply rinse them or at most use a good conditioner.

You do not use heat protectors: Heat protecting sprays & serum are miracle workers, yet we use our styling tools without even realizing what their high temperatures can do to our hair. It is advisable to use a heat protecting product and use your dryer or straightener at the warm setting instead of hot.

TIP: Heat protecting sprays spread more evenly on dry hair.

You do not use products according to your hair-type: If you use specialized products right from your shampoo and all the way down to your hair spray, you will get much more flattering results as these products contain the nutrients your hair needs. Always try to find out the best fit for your hair type.

You use hair sprays instead of heat protecting serum: Hair sprays have alcohol in them which fries your hair when it comes in contact with the heat your styling tools generate. You must use hair sprays as a finishing touch to styled hair.

You skip regular hair-cuts: Experts say that hair cuts have a shelf life of 4-6 weeks. Getting hair cuts regularly makes sure that the essential oils from your scalp gets evenly distributed and your hair always stays in shape. You get rid of split ends by trimming them.

Who doesn’t want their hair to sway in style? Avoid these 6 common hair care mistakes and you will have the most gorgeous and healthy hair you can ever imagine

What Are the Types of Photofacials?

What Are the Types of Photofacials?

Photofacials are a unique way to correct aesthetic flaws. These techniques are virtually painless procedures used to treat common ailments and blemishes. Understanding the different choices is the best way to choose your path to clearer, younger skin.

Light-based Technology at Work

Photofacials use light-based technology to treat common skin problems. The exact technique used varies between doctors. However, most use one of the two most popular methods. The first is the Light-emitting diode or LED. With this process, a qualified professional uses four different wavelengths from the UV-free spectrum.

The other method is called intense pulsing light or IPL. During this procedure, the delivery of a high-intensity pulse reaches deeper parts of the dermis. While it works on a deeper level than LED treatment, this method does leave the epidermis untouched.

LED Benefits

While both the LED and IPL treatments use light, hence the term photofacials, they vary in how they work. For LED patients, you will see an increase in collagen and possibly less acne. That is because it works to kill the bacteria that leads to acne while stimulating collagen production. You will see plumper, younger-looking skin. Typically, LED treatments are found at a day spa.

LED patients see their best results after six sessions. The six treatments are spaced one to two weeks apart. After the series is completed, it is recommended that you continue with maintenance sessions every month or two months.

IPL Benefits

While LED treatments work on the surface of your skin, IPL works beneath the surface. It is ideal for those who suffer from sun damage or broken capillaries. This option is also useful for those who have multiple problems, such as damage and spider veins, and want to treat them simultaneously.

Intense pulsing light actually damages the underlying skin, breaking up the age spots you may see on the surface. As the area heals, the spots disappear, leaving you with an even tone. Because it works on the dermal layers underneath, it is not an option for those combating acne, which is caused by bacteria on the surface.

As with LED treatments, you see best results with IPL if you have a series of three to six sessions placed one month apart.

Where to Get Photofacials?

These procedures do not necessarily require a doctor. Many day spas offer LED to their clientele as part of a facial package. There are medical clinics, such as dermatologists and plastic surgeons, who also employ these techniques to help their patients see clearer and younger skin. At a doctor’s office, you will have more treatment options, possibly even laser treatments.

Photofacials are a good way to combat the signs of aging while having clearer skin. Each technique has its specific use. Consult a trained professional to determine the best choice for you.

Beautiful Skin At Any Age

Beautiful Skin At Any Age

I am fast approaching thirty. That isn’t old by anyone’s standards but I am still aware of the gradual changes to my skin that are taking place. No matter how young you are, it is never too early to make changes to your lifestyle which will set up a good foundation for the ageing process. Your older self will thank you for it.

Stay hydrated – Water is quite literally the elixir of life. Your body is approximately sixty percent water and it plays an essential role in many of the processes that happen within your body. It will also help to keep your skin clear and assist your body with flushing out toxins. With that in mind, you need to stay properly hydrated in order to look and feel your best. Official guidelines state that you should be drinking six to eight glasses of water per day for optimum health but don’t forget many foods such as fresh fruit also contain water. Many people drink hot water with a slice of lemon but bear in mind that this is a very acidic drink and will erode your teeth when drunk on a regular basis. Alcohol and caffeine are dehydrating so it is a good idea to drink some plain water each time you consume a drink that contains either substance.

Eat well – Genetics and heritage determine how your skin looks, behaves and ages but you can do much to assist the process by improving your lifestyle. As well as staying well hydrated, another way to do this is by eating a good, well balanced diet to give your body the nutrition it needs. The most beneficial vitamins for your skin are A, C and E. These are found in abundance in fruits and vegetables so try to include at least five portions each day. Other beneficial foods for your body include beans, dairy, eggs, fish, nuts and whole grains. Remember that the nutritional benefits of eating the right foods will always be better for your body than consuming them in pill form.

Protect yourself from the sun – Never underestimate the damaging effects of the sun on your skin. A golden tan may look attractive in your twenties but when you are in your fifties and have wrinkled, sagging skin peppered with moles, it will not look quite so appealing. And of course, too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer. Many skincare and make up products contain a sun protection factor (SPF) so keep a look out for these when you are shopping for supplies. Also use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 and avoid midday sun when UV levels are at their strongest. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses, constant squinting in the sun will help to give you the dreaded ‘crow’s feet’ wrinkles around your eyes.

Exercise – Most of us are aware of the health benefits of exercise but of course it can benefit the way we look too. As well as helping to build a slim, toned physique, all of the sweat you produce when you exercise will help to bring impurities out of your skin helping to keep it clear and fresh. As you get older, as well as keeping your body healthy, exercise will also help to manage your weight. As you age, your metabolic rate (the rate at which your body burns calories) decreases leading to an increased likelihood of weight gain.

Get into a good beauty routine – As well as the lifestyle factors that will play a part in maintaining the beauty of your skin, getting into a good routine with skincare will also help. Look after your skin by moisturising daily, exfoliating weekly and use face masks depending on your skin type. Normal moisturiser formulas are often too rich and heavy for the delicate skin around the eyes and can cause puffiness. Make you use a specially formulated cream for eyes. As we age, our skin produces less collagen and so skin loses it’s elasticity and becomes less firm. If you have mature skin, look out for products containing peptides and retinoids which will help your skin to build collagen and appear firmer. Also try to avoid formula foundations that are too dry as they will settle into wrinkles. Keep your skin well moisturised and use a moisture rich foundation formula.

Stop smoking – I used to have a twenty (sometimes thirty) a day habit so I know how hard it is to stop. But with self belief and sheer willpower, you can stop. You will look and feel so much better for it believe me.

Remember, it’s never too early to begin thinking about preserving your skin for the future.

Stylish Ways to Get Rid of Bangs

Stylish Ways to Get Rid of Bangs

It can get really boring to wear the same hairstyle day after day. Straight bangs can be one such style because it can get quite monotonous. If you want to spice up your personality then you have to learn different ways to style your bangs.

An another problem with bangs is that you often feel irritated when they keep falling over your forehead but pushing them aside over and over again does not work so well and messes up your hair. Hence we will look at some alternate solutions so as to deal with these two problems and check out some new and alternate methods to style your bangs.

Instructions to Follow:

If you do not like extremely straight bangs then avoid the use of a straightener. Replace it with a smaller version of ceramic brush, to style your bangs.

The first technique is really simple, just round your hair on the brush and use a blow dryer for 1 to 2 minutes. After this you will get curvy above eye bangs that look really nice.

Second way to style your hair, is to start braiding any one side of your hair and braid it in the opposite direction. It is really simple to do because you are only required to create a simple side braid with your bangs. Secure your braid with bobby pins and to add some style in it you can push some hair over the braid.

If you do not like braids, then grab your bangs to twist them sideways and away from your hair. After completing your twisting process use a bobby pin to secure it down. Now take the hair and push it over the bobby pin to cover it.

Next, use a round ceramic brush, grab the section and round your hair inwards or outwards. Use a blow dryer for a couple of minutes. Stop brushing before unwrapping your hair and then release your hair. And voila you now have side bangs.

5 Tips For Long-Lasting Makeup This Summer

5 Tips For Long-Lasting Makeup This Summer

Here are some makeup tips for a fair or dark skin to have the look of flawless makeup in hot weather.

1. Prioritize protection

Keeping a healthy skin should be a long-term priority. It is the key to making your skin always looking young and glowing. If you will notice, are first and foremost about using. Always mind that as long as the sun is up, your skin, especially on your face is prone to damage caused by the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. So before a makeup summer sale, make sure the product has high sun protection factor (SPF) value. The higher the SPF value the better.

2. Importance of Primer

This is not a new product but a lot of women still do not know the importance of wearing primer before putting on makeup. One that women tend to skip is this; what they don’t know is that a small amount of this power cream can do wonders for your face especially this summer. It makes your makeup longer-lasting as compared to makeup worn without primer. This and dark alike.

3. Choose silicone

To have full coverage of the blemishes on your face when wearing makeup, one of the best to practice is using a silicone based and lightweight formula to have. The role of the silicone is to act as a film between the moisture caused by humidity and your skin. It hinders the foundation to get into your pores or melt away with perspiration.

4. Wear eye shadow creams

The hot weather of summer causes us to perspire severely and usually eye shadow powders and sweat cause our makeup to cake under the sun. The best for this is to choose eye shadow creams instead of powder. It consists of silicone which aids in locking up the color as well as adds shine to our eye makeup. Buy eye shadow cream which is a to get the best of the best for your summer makeup.

5. Pouty lips under the sun

It is of importance that women take care of their lips this summer. The hot weather might cause it to dry up and crack up and that is not good for wearing anything on your lips. A to address this is to turn to using lip gloss for the meantime. To get this, get a tinted lip balm to add color and choose those with an increased wax content to make sure that it doesn’t melt on your lips